What’s WordPress?

What’s WordPress?

WordPress is a flexible publishing platform that’s simple enough for a brand-new blogger but powerful enough for the biggest sites in the world.

If you’ve visited a blog or website recently, you’ve been on a WordPress-powered site: 17.6% of the web runs on WordPress, from the tiniest of personal blogs to full-scale sites for media juggernauts with millions of daily hits.

From CNN to Jay-Z, The New York Times to TED, TechCrunch to TIME, WordPress is the CMS designers, developers, and organizations turn to when they need a scalable, streamlined, secure solution to creating stunning online content. The scale of the WordPress community means that there are designers and developers to suit all tastes, needs, and budgets — and because we’re open-source, there are people all over the world making improvements and building new tools every day.

The simplicity of WordPress also means that solo creators can be publishing in minutes without ever having to look at a line of code. Whether they’re creating elegant media galleries or using customization tools to spice up an off-the-rack template, WordPress’s user-friendly interface makes anyone look like a web pro.

For folks who want to focus on content and don’t want to worry about hosting, security, backups, or keeping software up to date WordPress.com offers free hosted sites (along with Enterprise and VIP versions). If you want to control everything about your online home, from content to code, download free WordPress software at WordPress.org to use on your own host (or don’t — many hosts offer one-click WordPress installations).

WordPress powers your online home — whatever you want to build. What are you waiting for?

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